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Littleboard Booster V

Ultra efficient Electric scooter !

Trotinette Littleboard Booster
Folded : 97 x 20 x 31 cm
Unfolded : 97 x 38 x 84 à 118 cm

Weight : 10,8kg
Lithium Ion Samsung battery
Battery capacity 36V - 10,5 Ah - 378 Watts/h

Regenerative braking system
2h charging time

Sector Voltage 110 - 220V
Top speed of 30 Km/h on private roads*
Range 25 to 40 km

Climbing capacity 15%
Max rider weight 100Kg
HUB Brushless on front wheel

36V voltage

500W power
6061 Alloy frame

Front elastomer suspension 35mm

Rear adjustable spring suspension 35mm
8’’ wheel size

Front electronic brake - Rear kick brake

Improve your daily
journeys thanks to the
most efficient electric
scooter in the market

Its patented folding system allows to :

  • . Stock it easily
  • . Combine with public transports
  • . Walk with it
  • . Carry it thaks to clever handles
Littleboard Booster V , made by ETWOW is the latest model available on the brand portfolio. It replaces Booster plus and provides longer distance trips with more power» !!


The KERS regenerative braking system provides energy to the battery and improve your commuting range.

The Littleboard wooden deck is specialy made by Airlab to widden the feet space. Then, Your escooter is more secure and stable.


Front and rear le lights
4 réflectors under the deck

Save Money

Littleboard electric scooter need only few cents to be recharged. Only One hour is necessary to make a complete charge.