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One idea became reality …

Airlab Industrie was established in 2014 with the intention to provide intelligent light vehicles to people willing to improve their daily mobility.
A complementary team of designers, mechanical and electronic engineers developed Lab’Elle e-scooter with a strong focus on elegance and use of luxury materials.
The electric scooter is a perfect compromise between easy storage and fast mobility. It lets you browse 25-35 km with a top speed of 25km/h.
Lab’Elle is a perfect tool to bring you everywhere in a city and will dramatically improve your freedom.

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A wide range of vehicles
to fit with different daily trips

New light electric vehicles remove noise, pollution and improve travel efficiency.

The market offers different types of light vehicules that we can compare with thermic cars or heavy scooters.

A sweet design...

Lab’Elle was also developed with a strong focus on design.

It began with a strict selection of noble materials. The frame is made of aerospace Aluminum to be as rigide as light.

The folding system is located on the upper part of the frame. It provides a great rigidity and optimises driving stability. 

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